“Because of this help he did not send me down again” – Arthur

At Deptford Reach we work with prisoners on licence and those who have just been released, to integrate them back into the community. We also work with victims of crime.

Our work especially involves working with people who are:

  • either suffering domestic violence or perpetrators of domestic violence
  • engaged in criminal activities to fund either gambling or drug/alcohol habits
  • involved directly or indirectly with the criminal justice system
  • suffering from depression or other issues related to having crimes committed against them or their significant others in their lives.

Community placements

We offer opportunities for community placements to serving prisoners, who we send on accredited training courses in catering and hospitality. We also work closely with the Metropolitan Police on a new project, the Diamond Initiative, to support ex-offenders from re-offending, and to reintegrate them into the community.

We have developed a support package that offers a wide range of support to ex-offenders who have either been referred to our services or who have presented themselves at our centre. The aim is to help them resettle back into society.

We have had seven referrals from this team over the past three months and have housed three ex-offenders. We have also supported four to claim benefits and three have been recruited as volunteers.

“It gives me something to do rather than get myself in trouble” – Sophie